This night will be unforgettable,
no matter how hard you'll try to forget it.

08 March
Ticketmaster, London

After a sold-out show in Berlin, SMOOSH is back at Ticketmaster in London with our next iteration of a JavaScript comedy night, bringing some of the greatest experts of developer humour on stage to make you laugh and cry.

It's a meetup. It's a standup. It's a musical. It's a play. You can even get on stage and battle in an epic game of BattleDecks.

Ticketmaster4 Pentonville Rd,
London N1 9HF


  • Alpha. Beta. Gamer.
    —Joe Hart.

    Unlike the rest of us, Joe is a real comedian with an Edinburgh Fringe show and everything. But he's also a React engineer, and he's putting together a new show of his greatest hits and material you've never seen before!

  • Creative Coding & Music.
    —Sam Wray.

    The one and only Sam is back to perform at Smoosh and is drawing you into the unique world of lo-fi sound using tools like the beloved Nintendo Game Boy, while we take a short break from this show's relentless humour.

  • Hallelujah
    —The Postal Service Workers.

    The shitposting supergroup formed by Sophie Koonin and Guillermo Orellana will play songs about JavaScript that will render you to tears. Sing along!

  • An improvised comedy about the tragedy of programming.
    —TC Thirty-NaN.

    Our house comedy group of Charlie, Ivan and Jani are back with another improvised play about JavaScript. That's the cool thing about improv, it's different every time!

  • Battle Decks Round Ⅱ.
    —Taz Singh.

    Back by popular demand, Battle Decks aka. Powerpoint Karaoke opens the stage to the brave & willing. Ever wanted to give a talk in front of 100 people with slides you've never seen before? Yeah, us neither, but it's absolutely hilarious and you should try.

  • Your host.
    —Jani Eväkallio.

    Do you ever look at the shitshow that is dev twitter and wonder, what's all this fuss about? Jani is here to guide you through the massive waste of time and energy that is twitter dot com.